Go for it …

Welcome 2011!!! I am particularly thankful that I have stepped into what will be an exciting year. I look into this year and I see boundless possibilities. It will be a year of great harvest for those who believe and act based on their belief.


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Chronicles of a real year (2)

This is a sequel to my last post ‘chronicles of a real year (1)’ and even though I was tempted to detail every event about my year here, I really do not think a narrative would do a lot of good in the long run. I will like to share a few things with you again.


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Chronicles of a real year (1)

Its been 18 days now since I last posted anything on my blog and it honestly feels like 18 years. I was lost in the myriad of events that I honestly felt I would do better justice to the blog if I allowed the events to take some shape first.


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The rat trap .

This topic has been on my mind for a while now. I found it difficult to successfully put it down in writing due to the roller coaster, exciting week I have had so far. Wednesday, December 1st, my sister was called to bar i.e. she became a barrister. I am proud of her. Intelligent and driven, Read more of this post

Questions (NOW IS THE TIME)

After two Blog posts on the above topic, I began to feel that my questions needed to be subjected to a more critical debate before postulating answers. I also started to question what the answers would do in the long run. Was I just kidding myself, or was it a futile and curious drive towards our present location? Well I felt that we would go all the way answering the questions, travel through the different topics and eventually arrive where we started from hopefully with a new way and new resolve to heal our land. Read more of this post

Questions contd.

Sequel to my last post ‘Questions’, I have decided like i promised to give a candid opinion which i think would be answers to the questions I raised. Over the past week, I have interacted as usual with a number of people, many of whom I respect and I have come up with some interesting views about the whole situation. Opinions have propped up, and I hope they are answers. I do not claim to be all-knowledgeable enough to give a solution, but I hope that you strongly consider these questions and compare your own opinions with mine. Critique it or support it, cos I stand to be corrected. Read more of this post


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Avenues To Wealth

On Saturday morning, I and a few friends were on our way back from a leadership retreat in Lekki, Lagos state. The previous day, we had had some life changing sessions at the Avenues to Wealth Leadership retreat. It was one of those times when I was able to get in touch with the soul of business. Read more of this post

Nothing fails like success

When I first came across this phrase, I was puzzled. I felt it was blasphemy and i know you thought so too. Let me quote the thought behind the phrase, so you can probably identify with it.

The great historian, Arnold Toynbee said that you could pretty well summarise the history of society and institutions in four words: Nothing fails like success. In other words, when you have a challenge and the response is equal to the challenge, that’s called success. But once you have a new challenge, the old, once-successful response no longer works. That’s why it’s called failure.

Now you got it. This is a lesson I have learnt by watching others or closely observing my own experiences. We all have enjoyed some level of success in certain areas of our lives. More often than not, we allow our attained confidence in these successes to spiral into new avenues that might not be similar to the previous one. This is particularly true when the experiences involve skill sets or knowledge sets in different chunks of phases in our lives. For example finishing school and starting out in a career. Your knowledge sets and skill sets in school might not necessarily prepare you for success on the field even though you were successful in school. The mental readjustment is difficult but necessary. Many people hardly go through this adjustment. They just cling on to their old ways of doing things without attempting to change. I have also learnt that opportunities that will change our lives involve learning a new set of things or putting on a new set of philosophy that might be radically different from our old ways. No matter how difficult this might be, I believe this is the challenge you and I will always have to face if constant growth is our goal. Remembering that even though past success should be used as benchmarks to assure ourselves of what our gifts are and how powerful we can be, the skills used in achieving them must be properly evaluated before launching them into our next new venture.

if it is to be …

Part of my commitment to my personal growth  has been to take out moments to assess the happenings around me. Every so often, I find myself encountering similar and unusual packets of experience(pardon my use) within a very short time. This is one of such moments and I feel obliged to share it with whoever is willing to catch the vibes.  If we pay close attention, we will notice that we can pick out certain rhythms from our environment. For me such re-occurring rhythms might be words, concepts or people. Many times though, it falls outside this three. For the past one week, one particular word has shown up in my radar more than any other. The word is PROACTIVE.

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