The rat trap .

This topic has been on my mind for a while now. I found it difficult to successfully put it down in writing due to the roller coaster, exciting week I have had so far. Wednesday, December 1st, my sister was called to bar i.e. she became a barrister. I am proud of her. Intelligent and driven, Read more of this post


Questions (NOW IS THE TIME)

After two Blog posts on the above topic, I began to feel that my questions needed to be subjected to a more critical debate before postulating answers. I also started to question what the answers would do in the long run. Was I just kidding myself, or was it a futile and curious drive towards our present location? Well I felt that we would go all the way answering the questions, travel through the different topics and eventually arrive where we started from hopefully with a new way and new resolve to heal our land. Read more of this post

Nothing fails like success

When I first came across this phrase, I was puzzled. I felt it was blasphemy and i know you thought so too. Let me quote the thought behind the phrase, so you can probably identify with it.

The great historian, Arnold Toynbee said that you could pretty well summarise the history of society and institutions in four words: Nothing fails like success. In other words, when you have a challenge and the response is equal to the challenge, that’s called success. But once you have a new challenge, the old, once-successful response no longer works. That’s why it’s called failure.

Now you got it. This is a lesson I have learnt by watching others or closely observing my own experiences. We all have enjoyed some level of success in certain areas of our lives. More often than not, we allow our attained confidence in these successes to spiral into new avenues that might not be similar to the previous one. This is particularly true when the experiences involve skill sets or knowledge sets in different chunks of phases in our lives. For example finishing school and starting out in a career. Your knowledge sets and skill sets in school might not necessarily prepare you for success on the field even though you were successful in school. The mental readjustment is difficult but necessary. Many people hardly go through this adjustment. They just cling on to their old ways of doing things without attempting to change. I have also learnt that opportunities that will change our lives involve learning a new set of things or putting on a new set of philosophy that might be radically different from our old ways. No matter how difficult this might be, I believe this is the challenge you and I will always have to face if constant growth is our goal. Remembering that even though past success should be used as benchmarks to assure ourselves of what our gifts are and how powerful we can be, the skills used in achieving them must be properly evaluated before launching them into our next new venture.

Aspire today, Inspire tomorrow

Once in a while, one gets to a point in life, where one is suddenly aware of how a seemingly negligible experience can be extremely significant to some others. At such times, one is not sure whether the time is come to share those experiences, especially bearing in mind that the ultimate goal is still ahead. Read more of this post

Naija again!!!

I was in a discussion with a friend today and he asked me a very serious question. He said “the elections are coming soon, next year, how can we prevent election fraud?”. Good question, you might say, but I know what you are thinking – no be  Naija? Abi. Well I thought like that too, but after thinking about it, I came to realize that unless we did something about the issue (and I mean something really dramatic) we might just be in for another unbalanced tottering, another 4 years of deceit, greed and extreme selfishness.

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the race …

I read an article recently that created in me an ambivalent feeling. I have, for some time now been an advocate of following your innermost being and neglecting convention. I know how many out there have become victims of the intimidation of their culture and social context, dumping their dreams to take on vocations and a life of emptiness and non fulfilment. A life that seems successful and flashy on the outside – fine from afar but far from fine. In other words, many have settled for commonplace, making excuses to themselves that seems to be justifiable reasons for their choice of a usual and common life. Our society, due to the years of social slavery, has settled for the security of the slave master or better put for the security of riskless living. No wonder we are where we are. We have developed into a conformist entity that regards anyone that is different from the pack as being radical, stubborn or downright foolish. I am not going to write about what our society has turned into due to its monkey-follow-monkey approach. I know my views are too radical for the average mind. I would rather have written about the beautiful and wonderful becoming of the fighter. The one who will choose to follow his/her heart despite the threat of failure or the voices of the cynics. The silent dreamer who hopes to one day unleash his dreams and potential on an already sick world is the one on which the hope for the better nation, a better world is hinged. This post however is in recognition of the existence of such mortals.

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set it …

I have been contemplating how to write a post as this. It’s the beginning of a new year and it seems like we are here again with setting  goals and drawing up resolutions.  If you are reading this post, I congratulate you for entering into the most abundantly successful, profitable and explosive year in your life thus far. This year will be highly successful for me, I would make more money than ever before, build and strengthen meaningful relationships, develop as a person spiritually, mentally and physically, take part in and leverage on opportunities, travel the world and create opportunities for others to grow.  You might want to ask me why I am so optimistic about this year, why I seem to be hopeful even  in the face of massive economic troubles and downturns. Why I look like I am just some happy boy around the block with no clear knowledge of reality and probably a faded view of circumstances. Well, I wont blame you if you do… I know my optimism is getting dangerously controversial but I choose to leave it that way. Somehow I will manage to give you the answer that best and most truthfully suits any question that you might ask. The answer to the question; why are you so optimistic and hopeful, well, the answer: I don’t know. I don’t have any answer for it. I just feel it deep in my guts. I know it for sure and it has actually transcended the plane of hope to the plane of invincible and unwavering faith. A faith that makes me act and talk as though I have it all. That confident assurance that what I desire and have asked for is already mine – literally. That all I need to do to have it physically, is to develop enough value that I can give in exchange for it when it comes my way – in the hands of another. And that I will be a blessing to whoever comes with what I want because I will give him or her what they want in return. A total WIN- WIN resolution.  A faith that assures me that I do not have to manipulate or exert my will on others, but all I need do is make sure I think In a certain way and act in a certain way . I do not know what your fears are but I want to assure you that you don’t have anything to fear. Cast your cares on Him, the bible says. If you are sure with me and you want to act on it, or if you are not too sure but want to exert positive pressure on yourself for growth, join me in doing this: Read more of this post

I am grateful

Wow, another year gone!!!  This last year was shorter than any one I can remember. Partly because it was filled with blessings, fun, learning, excitement, mistakes, people and a host of other unusual things. I have all the reasons to be thankful. This past year has been my best year so far. I had the opportunity to start living on a plane I could only imagine a few years ago.  Read more of this post

Hello All

I am back and better. Better because I have learnt. And I believe that when you learn you become better. I believe that our individual experiences should bring us more to a point of awareness. The deepest lessons we learn in life are probably the ones in which we are somehow involved in its process or the ones that we can personally identify with as a person or that we know someone that can identify with it. Well, that is not to say if we want to learn a lot we should have so many personal experiences – you can never be old enough to learn all there is to learn in life and then apply them (and that’s why God has given us books to read ). Read more of this post


If you are like me, then you have probably wandered many times why things didn’t go as planned. Why it seems as though our efforts and hard work didn’t count after all. Why it perhaps seems as if we are not competent enough. Well if you’ve been there (or are there) then you can be sure that you are not alone. Read more of this post