Foxes and Hedgehogs

Ever since I came across the concept of personal leadership, one of the most interesting paradigms I have encountered in it is that which is called the Hedgehog concept. it’s a concept based on an essay by famous liberal philosopher, Isaiah Berlin, titled The Hedgehog and the Fox. Read more of this post



Its amazing how easily this topic succeeded in bouncing off other topics from my mind within just a few days of ruminating over it. I was in the process of writing a post about the recent happenings in the murky waters called Nigerian Politics and what I believed about the on goings, when almost suddenly, I had to appear among a few friends to discuss the subject of change. Read more of this post

When optimism fails …

For a long while, I battled with the concept I hope to share with you in this post. It was one of those concepts that everyone I met claimed to have an explanation for. All they did was to confuse me more. I like to call myself a student of the University of Hard knocks, Read more of this post


Hello all, I have had the most exciting week so far this year. Last weekend was a blast for me. I was involved in three different events, in the three areas that mean a lot to me: Church (Religion), Business and Government. I had three of my mentors around for the programmes and as you might have guessed, it was a great time. several issues were discussed, some deep, some simple enough to be understood by all. Throughout those three days, one word kept ringing in my mind – VALUE.

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Go for it …

Welcome 2011!!! I am particularly thankful that I have stepped into what will be an exciting year. I look into this year and I see boundless possibilities. It will be a year of great harvest for those who believe and act based on their belief.


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Chronicles of a real year (2)

This is a sequel to my last post ‘chronicles of a real year (1)’ and even though I was tempted to detail every event about my year here, I really do not think a narrative would do a lot of good in the long run. I will like to share a few things with you again.


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if it is to be …

Part of my commitment to my personal growth  has been to take out moments to assess the happenings around me. Every so often, I find myself encountering similar and unusual packets of experience(pardon my use) within a very short time. This is one of such moments and I feel obliged to share it with whoever is willing to catch the vibes.  If we pay close attention, we will notice that we can pick out certain rhythms from our environment. For me such re-occurring rhythms might be words, concepts or people. Many times though, it falls outside this three. For the past one week, one particular word has shown up in my radar more than any other. The word is PROACTIVE.

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Understanding the times (1)

We live in interesting times. We understand, and can give an explanation to many things, but there are a lot more that cannot be explained. Most of us spend our days in a costly turmoil that is eating our souls up. We belong to a crises driven, reactive community of slaves and slave owners. Hmmm, strong words, yes I know but aren’t those words true? Think deeply, and you will realize that they are. But should this be the case? Read more of this post


I have made a commitment to write at least one blog post per week without fail. This is largely due to my gross inconsistency in updating this blog and partly due to the fact that I need to always document my thoughts as perfectly as I can. Picking a topic to discuss on this blog has been some challenge for me. Not exactly because I do not have anything to say, but because I am not sure what thoughts are actually worth writing about.

After brooding over what would be my best topic of discussion this week, I finally settled on the one topic that has been in mind all through this last week – family. Read more of this post

Just a thought away

For a while now I have been giving a lot of conscious thought to my thinking pattern. I have asked myself a lot of fundamental questions about the way I think, what I constantly think about and how much control I really have over my thoughts. Now, that has been hard, but the more I try the easier it seems to get. Every so often, I catch myself in a negative vibe thought process. Something called a Mr. or Mrs.  yabut. Example of such an internal dialogue is : “I can talk to this person”, yea but he is too powerful or “yea but she is too rich and won’t listen to me now”. YABUT – a term dictated by my encounter with a book that is changing my life – The One minute Millionaire. Read more of this post