We Won!!!(2)

Revolution has never come easy. Many even say it doesn’t happen without some degree of violence. While I do not totally subscribe to this line of thought, I am of the strong opinion that a type of violence is needed for a revolution to happen. It might be spiritual, physical or mental. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that when the end of a revolution is most in doubt, men have been known to look beyond the present and have a glimpse of our future. In other words, to imagine what is possible. To create the future with their most powerful weapons; their minds. It is this imagination that I chose to share with my readers today. Read more of this post



Its amazing how easily this topic succeeded in bouncing off other topics from my mind within just a few days of ruminating over it. I was in the process of writing a post about the recent happenings in the murky waters called Nigerian Politics and what I believed about the on goings, when almost suddenly, I had to appear among a few friends to discuss the subject of change. Read more of this post

Chronicles of a real year (1)

Its been 18 days now since I last posted anything on my blog and it honestly feels like 18 years. I was lost in the myriad of events that I honestly felt I would do better justice to the blog if I allowed the events to take some shape first.


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Questions contd.

Sequel to my last post ‘Questions’, I have decided like i promised to give a candid opinion which i think would be answers to the questions I raised. Over the past week, I have interacted as usual with a number of people, many of whom I respect and I have come up with some interesting views about the whole situation. Opinions have propped up, and I hope they are answers. I do not claim to be all-knowledgeable enough to give a solution, but I hope that you strongly consider these questions and compare your own opinions with mine. Critique it or support it, cos I stand to be corrected. Read more of this post


I had already almost concluded on what to write today. It was going to be a solemn post that would just rub on a few aspects. Then I decided to hang out for a while, hearing that a few of my friends were in the neighbourhood, I branched off to see them. Read more of this post

Avenues To Wealth

On Saturday morning, I and a few friends were on our way back from a leadership retreat in Lekki, Lagos state. The previous day, we had had some life changing sessions at the Avenues to Wealth Leadership retreat. It was one of those times when I was able to get in touch with the soul of business. Read more of this post

Understanding the times (1)

We live in interesting times. We understand, and can give an explanation to many things, but there are a lot more that cannot be explained. Most of us spend our days in a costly turmoil that is eating our souls up. We belong to a crises driven, reactive community of slaves and slave owners. Hmmm, strong words, yes I know but aren’t those words true? Think deeply, and you will realize that they are. But should this be the case? Read more of this post


I have made a commitment to write at least one blog post per week without fail. This is largely due to my gross inconsistency in updating this blog and partly due to the fact that I need to always document my thoughts as perfectly as I can. Picking a topic to discuss on this blog has been some challenge for me. Not exactly because I do not have anything to say, but because I am not sure what thoughts are actually worth writing about.

After brooding over what would be my best topic of discussion this week, I finally settled on the one topic that has been in mind all through this last week – family. Read more of this post

Just a thought away

For a while now I have been giving a lot of conscious thought to my thinking pattern. I have asked myself a lot of fundamental questions about the way I think, what I constantly think about and how much control I really have over my thoughts. Now, that has been hard, but the more I try the easier it seems to get. Every so often, I catch myself in a negative vibe thought process. Something called a Mr. or Mrs.  yabut. Example of such an internal dialogue is : “I can talk to this person”, yea but he is too powerful or “yea but she is too rich and won’t listen to me now”. YABUT – a term dictated by my encounter with a book that is changing my life – The One minute Millionaire. Read more of this post

Memoirs from The Maldives!!!

Have you ever dreamt of taking a break from the hustle and bustle of regular life and easing out into a world of fantasies? Have you ever given yourself the permission to be spoilt in what is called a ‘proper vacation’? Well that was what I did 3 weeks ago when I and 29 others took a 6 day vacation to The Maldives. Our initial intended destination was Madrid ,Spain, but due to some circumstances that we couldn’t help (emanating from our unique national heritage), Spain was proving to be too much of a bottleneck. After some deliberations on where to go, we decided to think wildly and locate a point on the globe that only few Nigerians have heard of. 24hrs hours later, we were on a flight to Male, the Maldivian capital en route Doha, Qatar. The Maldives is a collection of islands in southern Asia, located in the northern part of the Indian Ocean in the southern tip of India. Maldives is made up of a chain of 1,190 small coral islands that are grouped into clusters of atolls. The country has a population of about 400,000 and the major occupation is fishing. Well, so much for background stories, let me give you a brief load -down of my experience in the breathtaking archipelago called the Republic of Maldives. Read more of this post