I believe that what makes life and work tick is growth. Growth and change go hand in hand, more so, if it is positive. gbemiakande.wordpress.com started almost 3 years ago. Well, I should say that it was actually a means of putting my thoughts into words. I saw a few examples of thriving blogs around me (deoluakinyemi.com, topeakinyemi.com, busayoakanro.com etc) and I decided to go into action. I went on and off for a while. Often looking for the inspiration write. I was trying to feel the motivation before I started acting.

At some point however, I decided that rather than feel myself into action, I needed to act myself into feeling. Rather than wait for the motivation to act, I needed to act with the faith that the motivation will be found on the way. And guess what, that’s exactly what happened. The more I wrote, the more I wrote.

At some point also, I decided that what is worth doing is worth doing well. Doing well for me meant that I needed to move from a free site to a paid one. I nursed the idea for months. I felt I will loose the few readers I have if I decided to change my address (call me naïve, ignorant, whatever).

Well the summary of the story is this: I have started gbemiakande.com, and I’ve migrated all my posts there. Its been exciting. I have become more determined to adding value to you. I have become more motivated. The bad news is that I wont blog here anymore, but the good news is that I have a new address. Lol. gbemiakande.com is focused on helping you achieve your best in life and work. It will be an information hub where you can glean all the stuff you need to be your best.

I will like to invite you to gbemiakande.com to get the best of what I have to offer constantly. I hope to deliver on my promise. I want to see all my readers become the best they can be. Also, I will be open to feedback, praise and criticism. I will listen to you and most importantly, we will become friends.

Join me at gbemiakande.com.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to working with you to make this world a better place. gbemiAKANDE


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