We Won!!!(2)

Revolution has never come easy. Many even say it doesn’t happen without some degree of violence. While I do not totally subscribe to this line of thought, I am of the strong opinion that a type of violence is needed for a revolution to happen. It might be spiritual, physical or mental. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that when the end of a revolution is most in doubt, men have been known to look beyond the present and have a glimpse of our future. In other words, to imagine what is possible. To create the future with their most powerful weapons; their minds. It is this imagination that I chose to share with my readers today.

So that maybe when we are getting burnt-out by in our endeavour to build a better Nigeria, we would remember what is possible. This then would be an effective fuel to help us go on.

I see a day when each one of us have at least a chance to pursue a worthwhile dream. I see a day when we can trust in our government to always have the best interest of us at heart. I see a day when we feel secure and can go about our various passions with the certainty that our lives are safe. I see a day when our economy can employ  everyone that is qualified. I see a day when politics becomes profitable only to those whose interest is it to serve. I see a day when PDP and he heartless oppression will become a thing of the past. I see a day when we can send our children to typical schools in Nigeria without fear of substandard education. I see a day when what the Nigerian asks for in business is more than ‘what’s in it for me’ but rather he seeks to add value to the other guy. When we have good roads and solid healthcare. When we do not worry whether our generators have been fueled or not.

One of the things I have learnt also is that it is a futile venture to engage in such imaginative splendour and not act to make it a reality. What is wrong with our democracy? Why are we where we are? Of course we have asked ourselves these questions several times in the past. Maybe we have found some answers to it. But beyond the answers, we should act and make our mark. I have met many who have said that they do not have any intention to vote in this coming elections. Let us not forget that we are the ones with the power. We the guardians of our own liberty and nothing will happen if all we can do is to find theoretical answers to practical questions. We must make change happen by force. I intend to do so myself and I hope you do too. If we do, then maybe we would have succeeded in making a different kind of revolution happen. One in which the kind of violence is different. Rather than a violence of bloodshed, one of the interdependent wills of the citizens. A few have lost their lives in the process already, but I believe we can do a lot without the loss of lives. The saboteurs have shown the promise of action, let us also show ours. Then is will be a worthy battle that will ensure the triumph of truth. We won. BB2011.


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