We Won!!! (1)

Interestingly many events have unfolded in the past few days in our land. We have seen desperation in action, mingled with dirty politics and widespread evil. It seems that as the election days are drawing nearer, it is becoming more evident that the shameless love of power has eaten deep into the fabric of our nations politics. The love for power is not bad in itself,if we are sure that the parties involved will do what we need done with the power they have(in other words, the love for power should be less than the power of love). If we also understand that we the people are the ones with the power, the ones with the choice as to whom we will give the power to. That we the good ones do not seek power, how can one go on seeking what one already has in abundance. If we understand also that the opponents of our freedom are mere dissenting voices that cannot stand the brutality of truth. This is our land. This is our nation. This is our heritage. The best gift we can give to ourselves, our children and our children’s children is a land in which we would be at least free to create a life that portrays quality, standard, excellence and future-mindedness. That freedom is a great gift. A gift  that we would be grateful we delivered to ourselves and to future generations. But we may lose this gift if you and I allow the future of this nation lie in the hands of those that have no plan for transformation (PDP). If we remain silent, we would regret it. If we refuse to search out with our righteous overly educated minds the best choice for our next political transition then we would have simply succeeded in mortgaging our futures once again. I am tired of hearing the nonsense we carry around in our society about politics being dirty. Yes, if it is, then lets clean it up. Our religious organisations, especially churches, have come up with a business strategy of telling people that they can have an unusual breakthrough even if the nation doesn’t breakthrough ( I say this because I am a Christian and I am becoming increasing ashamed of the subtle evil that is being perpetuated by our pastors, bishops and prophets).PLS read this http://www.deoluakinyemi.com/the-partisan-church/ .  Remember we have the power to do this, to make change happen. All we need is to lend our voices to the sound of freedom. We are the transformation. We are stronger than we thought. We won. BB2011


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