Its amazing how easily this topic succeeded in bouncing off other topics from my mind within just a few days of ruminating over it. I was in the process of writing a post about the recent happenings in the murky waters called Nigerian Politics and what I believed about the on goings, when almost suddenly, I had to appear among a few friends to discuss the subject of change.

Change as in what? I asked my friend several times when he called me about the invitation. Was it about personal change, societal change, financial change, political change? He told me ‘Gbemi, Just change, that’s all, say it the way you like’. (I guess I must have gotten him irritated by my questions). Well, the purpose of this post is not to create a speech for change but to pass across to you a few things I have learnt about the difficult process of human progression or retrogression called change – in the most general sense of the word.

1. Change is consistent: Things, people, circumstances, ideas, beliefs etc are always changing and I believe the more we move ahead in the 21st century, knowledge-worker-wisdom age, the steeper the change gradient will be. Let us never be deceived that there is any point in time where we will be totally free from uncertainties. It is always happening and we must adapt to it. Haven’t you seen how fast a new fashion trend comes up only to be replaced after a few months by another. One month a certain album or track is hitting the charts’ top and another month its almost nowhere to be found. A trend in business is pre-dominant today and by tomorrow we are all wandering where it went. The most consistent phenomenon is change.

2. Positive change is an uphill task: Positive change doesn’t come without some deliberate properly laid-out action plan. The most convenient position is one in which we are complacent, resigned and indulgent. From my observation, positive change will never happen on the platform of convenience. We cannot hope to make an impact and sustained change if we are not disciplined in the change process. Discipline and execution are important indications of your commitment to change. Discipline is when your feelings are subordinate to your commitments. It is when your destination determines every single one of  your decisions. Positive change requires persistence, thick skin and the ability to remain standing even when there is no visible sign of progress. If you cannot look at your life in the past one month and point out an aspect of improvement, trust me, you are probably retrogressing. I know this is hard to chew, but one thing I also know is that there are no demilitarised zones in life. There is no neutral. It is either positive or negative. If nothing is being added to your life on a regular basis, chances are that a lot is being removed. You cannot afford to ‘engage in the luxury of cooling off’.

3. Habits and change: Habits form part of the bedrock of our destinies. Effective habits are the most important building blocks of effective people. A habit is formed at the intersection of knowledge, skill and desire. Knowledge of what you want to change, the skill to change it and the desire to actually change it. Habits are never changed by accidents. I have heard that a habit can be formed in 21 days of active involvement in an action. I believe it takes longer to break a bad habit especially when it has been in existence for a long period of time.

4. Change happens inside-out:  I know it is quite easy to point an accusing finger to things, circumstances and people other than our very own selves. This natural tendency is what makes us want to change what is happening in our environment, with the belief that this sort of process will lead to our ultimate transformation.  We try to change someone, we try to change a condition or something else on the outside. But this is often a frustrating process for those that engage in it. You find them blaming everything and everyone. The problem is that they may end up stuck in this rut for years. Change starts from within.


One Response to Change

  1. Fisayo says:

    I heard this first hand, and I think the saying is much better than the writng, but that cant reduce the importance of the post……and if you need to know !Change takes effort, serious one at that….

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