Hello all, I have had the most exciting week so far this year. Last weekend was a blast for me. I was involved in three different events, in the three areas that mean a lot to me: Church (Religion), Business and Government. I had three of my mentors around for the programmes and as you might have guessed, it was a great time. several issues were discussed, some deep, some simple enough to be understood by all. Throughout those three days, one word kept ringing in my mind – VALUE.

We have no right to ask for wealth or for influence if we are not adding tremendous value to others. In other words, the greatest brand is the brand called – YOU. I learnt the following lessons and I will love to pass them on to my readers.

1.  There is a difference between wealth and riches : Wealth is an all-encompassing state of abundance. It is abundance in value, abundance in mind, health, spirit, relationships and possessions. Riches on the other  hand is the possession of certain things that might be of value. You can possess riches and not be wealthy but you cannot be wealthy and not have riches.

2. A new philosophy: How you think of a particular concept dictates your actions towards or away from that concept. How do you think about wealth? Hey I got a new philosophy during the course of our workshops. Guess what, contrary to what we have always believed, Wealth is a consequence not a reward. it’s a consequence of who you are and how much value you are adding to the people, society or world around you.  Wealth will always flow towards a region where there is a higher concentration of value. In other words, Value is the magnet, wealth is the iron. Your present state as far as wealth is concerned is a reflection of how much your value is to the world, how much of the world perceives that value – which brings me to the next point.

3. After the value: Now this is a bit higher (or deeper). The next variable that creates extreme wealth or lack of it is the N factor I.e. the number of people that have access to the value you are offering. Or put in another way, the number of people you can market your value to. Ok, now that you have something to offer, are you offering it to the world. Or in other words, are you offering it to ‘enough’ of the world. There are two common ways I know that this works.
a. Attraction marketing: This is where your value is packaged in such a way that you naturally attract the market. You are not the salesman here, you are a connector and a maven that attracts a flood of clients. I wont go into the details of this today(its reserved for a particular course).

b. Marketing by persuasion: In the first model, the prospects/buyers/clients are persuaded before they come to you for more information,  but in this second model, you approach them with the information that will persuade them. This might be more difficult, but it’s a good way to start for the start-up guy who wants to build wealth.

I just came across a formula through my mentor deoluakinyemi


where K is called the coefficient of perception.

I will talk more on that in my next post.

Have a great time ahead.


One Response to Value.

  1. Bussee says:

    Have you noticed anything about value. Even the word contains intrinsic good and benefits. For instance, the only way you can negate value using the word value is indicating that there is a reduction or removal of the value i.e. valueLESS. Even the prefix IN in INVALUABLE doesn’t render the word opposite or less of value unlike INeffecient or INept or INcorrect etc. INvaluable means beyond value and is still a positive word.

    That just means once what you are giving is positive, then it must be VALUE. Once it’s negative, then can’t be VALUE.

    It is such a pure word

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