How big?(1)

In the process of setting our goals and crystallizing our dreams for the new year, we should also be mindful of certain things. I read a blog post by my mentor and leader deoluakinyemi on I will invite you to read it through also by clicking on this link .

I will like to ask a question:

How big are your goals: Yes we all have big dreams – or so we think. Maybe i should put it this way – we all used to have big dreams. Remember the days when you could conquer the whole world, when you wanted to be be anything (– for me, being a Pilot was particularly appealing). We dreamt about buying that big house and nice car. I had many friends who thought they would someday be President, CEO of a large organisation etc. But hey there you are, you have settled for second best, or is it third. OK maybe not you, maybe you are still pushing ahead towards your goals with all passion. But if you are like the majority, chances are that you are now cool, more ‘realistic’ and all you optimism has been watered down by ‘the realities of life’. You are now in the survival mode.  You are responsible and so have lost the ability to dream. Let me guess the conversations on your mind right now:

–          Ha, this boy doesn’t understand life, he is just growing up, when he grows up he will stop talking this nonsense

–          What can i do, i have all these responsibilities

–          At least i am not alone, there are millions like me

–          I was childish when i was dreaming

–          The world has changed since then

–          I need some time to settle some things before i start setting big goals again

–          A bird at hand is worth twenty in the bush

With the little i know about life, i am sure that these thoughts won’t get you anywhere. They are borne out of the motivation to survive, focusing on the present and not the future, being lost in the routine of usual life, selfishness and not selflessness, conformity and fear of the unknown.

Those that have changed the world have done so by focusing on their gaols (large as they were) with unwavering faith and persistence so much so that it almost bordered on lunacy.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt

Setting goals require that you get into the mind frame of possibilities, opportunities and abundance. Life will not give you an appetite for a delicacy it has not prepared.

My question again – How big are your goals?

To be continued …


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