Hello all, I have had the most exciting week so far this year. Last weekend was a blast for me. I was involved in three different events, in the three areas that mean a lot to me: Church (Religion), Business and Government. I had three of my mentors around for the programmes and as you might have guessed, it was a great time. several issues were discussed, some deep, some simple enough to be understood by all. Throughout those three days, one word kept ringing in my mind – VALUE.

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How big?(1)

In the process of setting our goals and crystallizing our dreams for the new year, we should also be mindful of certain things. I read a blog post by my mentor and leader deoluakinyemi on I will invite you to read it through also by clicking on this link .

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Go for it …

Welcome 2011!!! I am particularly thankful that I have stepped into what will be an exciting year. I look into this year and I see boundless possibilities. It will be a year of great harvest for those who believe and act based on their belief.


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