Chronicles of a real year (1)

Its been 18 days now since I last posted anything on my blog and it honestly feels like 18 years. I was lost in the myriad of events that I honestly felt I would do better justice to the blog if I allowed the events to take some shape first.


I have gotten my mind engaged on a number of issues of late; from the obviously exciting politics in my country to developing growth strategies for my business and also setting goals and getting into the right mind frame for the coming year 2011. Last week also marked the end and the commencement of another year in my life. Funny, really funny how time flies. I have decided to dedicate this post to my birthday (sounds creative?) and the events that have happened withing the previous one-year interval of my life. For some of us that have our birthdays in December, it feels right to say that the beginning of our year corresponds to the beginning of a year (in the general sense of the word – year). Going through the targets I set for myself at the beginning of this year, I again reminded myself of the many things I wanted to achieve. One of the most prominent was that I wanted 2010 to be my year of EDUCATION. Well education in the real life scene. Not theoretical, but practical and personal. I didn’t need anyone to tell me that I had received my reasonable bout of education this year.
2010 has been my most exciting year so far. I really cannot remember any other year that was marked with such amount of breath-taking moments. It was this year that I found it difficult to answer the question ‘where do you live?’. It was such a difficult question because to tell you the truth, I almost lost count of the number of times I travelled. I cannot remember spending two weeks in a stretch in any location in the past 6 months. Call it crazy, and I won’t dispute it. I made friends like no man’s business, I met people I didn’t dream I could meet. I went to places I didn’t know their locations until I checked the world map. I made money and I lost money. I had the opportunity of being a recipeint and also, most importantly, a giver. I felt motivated beyond my wildest emotions and I also felt discouraged enough to seek help (lol). I had the opportunity to be a speaker in close to 100 gatherings some small (5 – 10 people) and some large (over 1000 people). I had a lot of people to thank and also got a lot of thank you messages. I had my share of losses and also my share of successes (mostly exaggerated by people). I knew God in a different dimension and my purpose and mission became clearer.I learnt a lot of lessons in the course of the year, and I will like to share with you a few:

1. Begin with the end in mind: Yes, you have probably heard this before. Probably you have read it in a book or heard it in a seminar. Whether you like it or not, you cannot really act in a powerful and exact way if you do not have you goals, and purpose clear. Life can be a nightmare if where you are going is not clear. This principle can be coined in another way: Have a dream.
Beginning with the end in mind also applies to short-term goals or activities. I have discovered that the stress or drudgery associated with and activity can be bearable if we constanlty reappraise the WHY of it. Why are you doing it?

2. Aim for success but prepare for failure: I think it is pretty self-explanatory. No matter how calculated and organised we are, we still stand the risk of having curved balls thrown at us. Things will not always go as planned. I have learned this in business over and over again. Trust me, have a back up plan, you just might need it.

3. Follow your heart: We all have our press, our peer group and our close friends. There are some peer group infleunces that are beneficial, and some are just outrightly misleading. No matter what, always endeavour to take every advise, thought or ‘gospel’ through the seive of your conscience. If you are a christian and you have the leading of the Holy Spirit, I recommend you follow it. Your inner man has a better idea of where you are meant to be.

4. Maintain a great attitude: Now, this is quite a regular advice in every self-help book you will find around. But hey, its easier said than done. We all have times when being in a good mood is too difficult that we just abandon the idea. I believe one of the true tests of character is maintaining the right attitude even in the face of the most difficult circumstances. I have seen how this has played out over and over again and trust me, you don’t want to bear the consequences of an wrong emotional outburst. Treat people well and with respect. Everyone deserves it.

To be continued …


One Response to Chronicles of a real year (1)

  1. Tosin says:

    Wow Gbemi,

    You compressed a 3 month worth of blog posts to one. Amazing!

    Really the year has been awesome!

    We should always always count our blessings and realize that they really count.

    The 4 tips at the end of the post are amazing tips.

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more regularity in your posts.


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