Chronicles of a real year (2)

This is a sequel to my last post ‘chronicles of a real year (1)’ and even though I was tempted to detail every event about my year here, I really do not think a narrative would do a lot of good in the long run. I will like to share a few things with you again.


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Chronicles of a real year (1)

Its been 18 days now since I last posted anything on my blog and it honestly feels like 18 years. I was lost in the myriad of events that I honestly felt I would do better justice to the blog if I allowed the events to take some shape first.


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The rat trap .

This topic has been on my mind for a while now. I found it difficult to successfully put it down in writing due to the roller coaster, exciting week I have had so far. Wednesday, December 1st, my sister was called to bar i.e. she became a barrister. I am proud of her. Intelligent and driven, Read more of this post