Questions (NOW IS THE TIME)

After two Blog posts on the above topic, I began to feel that my questions needed to be subjected to a more critical debate before postulating answers. I also started to question what the answers would do in the long run. Was I just kidding myself, or was it a futile and curious drive towards our present location? Well I felt that we would go all the way answering the questions, travel through the different topics and eventually arrive where we started from hopefully with a new way and new resolve to heal our land. Read more of this post


Questions contd.

Sequel to my last post ‘Questions’, I have decided like i promised to give a candid opinion which i think would be answers to the questions I raised. Over the past week, I have interacted as usual with a number of people, many of whom I respect and I have come up with some interesting views about the whole situation. Opinions have propped up, and I hope they are answers. I do not claim to be all-knowledgeable enough to give a solution, but I hope that you strongly consider these questions and compare your own opinions with mine. Critique it or support it, cos I stand to be corrected. Read more of this post


I had already almost concluded on what to write today. It was going to be a solemn post that would just rub on a few aspects. Then I decided to hang out for a while, hearing that a few of my friends were in the neighbourhood, I branched off to see them. Read more of this post

Avenues To Wealth

On Saturday morning, I and a few friends were on our way back from a leadership retreat in Lekki, Lagos state. The previous day, we had had some life changing sessions at the Avenues to Wealth Leadership retreat. It was one of those times when I was able to get in touch with the soul of business. Read more of this post