I have made a commitment to write at least one blog post per week without fail. This is largely due to my gross inconsistency in updating this blog and partly due to the fact that I need to always document my thoughts as perfectly as I can. Picking a topic to discuss on this blog has been some challenge for me. Not exactly because I do not have anything to say, but because I am not sure what thoughts are actually worth writing about.

After brooding over what would be my best topic of discussion this week, I finally settled on the one topic that has been in mind all through this last week – family. Read more of this post


Aspire today, Inspire tomorrow

Once in a while, one gets to a point in life, where one is suddenly aware of how a seemingly negligible experience can be extremely significant to some others. At such times, one is not sure whether the time is come to share those experiences, especially bearing in mind that the ultimate goal is still ahead. Read more of this post

Just a thought away

For a while now I have been giving a lot of conscious thought to my thinking pattern. I have asked myself a lot of fundamental questions about the way I think, what I constantly think about and how much control I really have over my thoughts. Now, that has been hard, but the more I try the easier it seems to get. Every so often, I catch myself in a negative vibe thought process. Something called a Mr. or Mrs.  yabut. Example of such an internal dialogue is : “I can talk to this person”, yea but he is too powerful or “yea but she is too rich and won’t listen to me now”. YABUT – a term dictated by my encounter with a book that is changing my life – The One minute Millionaire. Read more of this post