I am grateful

Wow, another year gone!!!  This last year was shorter than any one I can remember. Partly because it was filled with blessings, fun, learning, excitement, mistakes, people and a host of other unusual things. I have all the reasons to be thankful. This past year has been my best year so far. I had the opportunity to start living on a plane I could only imagine a few years ago.  Read more of this post


competition or creation

We often tend to believe that we have to scramble for the limited resources on the earth. I believe its a kind of school mentality. We have been conditioned into the “position” mentality. first position, second position third position etc mentality. School taught us to compete, to do all we can to beat other people to it, because there are limited spaces at the top. When i think about all these, believe me, i am tempted to wonder whether school is actually not promoting what it seeks to ultimately eradicate – poverty. We are taught to compete in school and then compete for jobs. When we finally succeed in getting the job, we are then coerced into competing for the ranks on the job. What is then most unfortunate is that we are hence always in a haste. We are in a hurry to do everything. Its effect and disadvantages can be seen everywhere. On our roads, in the classrooms, in churches, queues in fast food restaurants. We are always in a hurry. Why then should it be surprising that poverty is the order of the day. Why do we blame God for the state of mankind. God is and was never in a hurry. Lets learn from the simple truth – move as fast as you can, but never in a hurry.

the right to be rich …

Whatever can be said in praise of poverty, I subscribe to the fact that nobody can live to his of her fullest except he or she is wealthy. I begin to wonder then, why we for a long time submitted our will and consciousness to the fallacy. The fallacy that some deity wants to keep you in poverty to teach you some things or so you can be able to tell a story. I think a better story is that which will liberate the world by a description of how you scientifically started living your financial dreams. That, I believe is a better story. We need money, lets not deny that fact. We need it for mind, body and soul. I want to have good food to eat, nice clothes to wear and cool places to live in. I want to be able to travel the world and meet people, help people and know more about different cultures. I want to be able to read books (several of them), to develop intellectually and use my prowness to help others making the best of my mind. I want to be able to inspire others and love them. I want to give love in its fullest and also receive it. I want to help the child dying of hunger and the family that has not food for. You will agree with me that I need money for all these. As a matter of fact, I need to be wealthy. I believe the greatest good I can do to humanity and divinity is to live life to its fullest and I do not believe I can do so without money. So my pursuit of wealth (or happiness) is a righteous, legitimate and sanctified one.