I am presently in the town i grew up in.Some have called it a dry town and some have diligently pointed out the greenness of this town for commerce and industry.Well, My aim is not to create an impression on you about ilorin, so hang on and see what i am up to. I am sitting in the lobby of one of the best hotels in the state(not a usual privilege for me yet) and i am writing based on my thoughts of the town since i got here yesterday and also based on the caption of a painting standing right in front of me now – DESTINY.
I have come to believe that our destinies are shaped not solely by some unseen hand(though i respect the touch of the divine)but also by our thoughts and actions.I was walking on the corridors of my alma mater yester night and my mind flashed back to some time about a year ago when i started feeding my mind with some thoughts about coming back to the school with a team of people to speak about developing themselves.It was a seemingly simple thought back then on the 4th of April 2008 but it engulfed me so much that i looked at my mentor and said to myself that i would be doing this with him soon. Interesting as it seems, i am doing just what i felt i would be doing. I use the word felt because i believe that is an essential point. If you cannot look at yourself and actually feel like a millionaire (no matter what your bank account reads), you probabaly would never make it. Feelings attract the manifestation of a dream. We can actually attract what we feel. Back to my gist about Destiny,i think you and i have a lot to do with the materialisation of what we call our destiny. we are responsible for our own achievements. My emphasis is predicated on what i first mentioned about my small town. I have seen from experiences and all that you can become anything despite what you are, who you are, and where you come from. This might be difficult for you to swallow due to your previuos belief systems. But take it or leave it, those who we look up to today and call great didnt grow up in the best of environments. Many of them were not born with a silver spoon, some were even born without any spoon at all (lol). My target readers of this post are not necessarily those are in latent towns like mine but also as a wake up call to those who have chosen to dwell in the pitiable state of mental complacence that says “my destiny depends solely on divine povidence”.
I leave you with this from my trip to my alma mater and town of birth. Take it or leave it, what you wil be in 10yrs,20yrs and 30yrs from now is more in your hands than in that of some celestial controller.

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  1. when u start writing your inspirational books, i’ll come and launch it for an unbeateable amount…God willing. you excel in writing.

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