I like to call myself an agent of change. Dedicated to promoting the cause of excellence in every sphere of my calling. This might sound too broad and not specific but hey, it sure doesn’t sound too bad for an opening  remark in a meeting in which I have to introduce myself. I am an agent of change. I love change, I am committed to personal development, I love to see things happen by vision, creativity, hard work, perseverance, positivity and commitment.

I am writing this post as a debut to a series that I am presently mentally developing.  I do not yet know what I would call it. Maybe revolution, build-up, change … well I don’t know yet. I am still putting my thoughts together. I am trying to see how I can make it effective. Its purpose is clear in my mind but its approach is still a little bit blurry. I am starting this post in the city of Abuja. I am in Abuja for one reason – to grow. But I have encountered a different level of growth. It is one that cannot easily be explained but I will do my best. Read more of this post


Just In Time


I took some time off to think about certain things recently and I came up with stuff that I unconsciously knew before but that were not really present in my conscious day to day state of mind. What has school done to us…?

Whoever actually came up with the concept of school never thought it would end up as a trap for the human soul. What do I mean by this? Many of us are glued to the conventions of school (and they are quite a number of such) that simply do not work in real life. Let’s look at some:

  1. Failure is a  mark/score
  2. We are all meant to do the same things
  3. My studies is my calling
  4. My salary is my earning
  5. Crooks own businesses
  6. It is bad to dare


Well I may sound too extreme, but if you tell me that two of these are not applicable to you , I will call you a liar.

That is actually not the core reason for which I am writing this post. What I am really after is the amount of financial illiteracy that has plagued our schools. Read more of this post



I am presently in the town i grew up in.Some have called it a dry town and some have diligently pointed out the greenness of this town for commerce and industry.Well, My aim is not to create an impression on you about ilorin, so hang on and see what i am up to. I am sitting in the lobby of one of the best hotels in the state(not a usual privilege for me yet) and i am writing based on my thoughts of the town since i got here yesterday and also based on the caption of a painting standing right in front of me now – DESTINY.
I have come to believe that our destinies are shaped not solely by some unseen hand(though i respect the touch of the divine)but also by our thoughts and actions Read more of this post