From Deolu Akinyemi

This post is an extract from I believe it is a must-read for anyone that is passionate about nation building and is willing to contribute to the growth of the Nigeria. Deolu Akinyemi (the author) happens to be my boss and mentor. I recommend that you become a regular reader of his blog.

Rebuilding Nigeria (from


What I want to write today is an article I will love you to pirate. I’ll like you to dub it, and put it on your blog post. Modify it if you like, give me credit if you want, or give me none at all. They say we’ll achieve a lot more if we don’t care who gets the credit.

I have refrained deliberately for a long time to make any comments about our National Rebranding exercise. I hope I will be able to say what boils in my throat and wrists tonight, without making too much reference to it. For all it’s worth though, I think the fundamental error I can see, is that Nigerians have not been made to own it, and hence rather than having people championing it, and helping others buy in, what we have is criticism and condemnation by the same people who would have been it’s champions. Read more of this post


The challenge of action!


If you have ever been dissatisfied with your life to the point that you can hardly wait to get certain things done especially when you hear stories of people that are not better than you and have achieved heights you have only spent precious time dreaming of in the comfort of your zone, if you have looked at your life and felt totally pissed by your complacence – then you are probably like me. Read more of this post

Whats the class about?!

help-front-coverI have not done so much of writing recently like I would have loved to. I have been on a lot of things lately and I really apologize for this. It’s been a lot things on my mind and I have taken a solitary separation to seek some direction but nonetheless writing is something that I love and I am committed to do constantly.

This particular post is one that I decided to share due to the enormity of the lesson and the amount of impact I believe it can have on our society and indeed our world as a whole. Read more of this post