What if … ?

You could enjoy holidays of your dream rather than the ones you can afford?
Enjoy dream holidays every year?
Your dream holidays were paid for through a unique cash reward program?
So goes the preamble of a business opportunity I feel obliged to introduce to you for two reasons:
1. To get you to live your dreams
2. To partner with you in making it happen .
It’s WIN-WIN and its fun. So just key into it and let’s explore it.
It’s called Holidays and Cash. I remember I have written something about it earlier. But more than before I see the opportunity now for what it truly is. I believe it’s the most brilliant way of empowering individuals to enjoy a decent vacation and also earn some decent money, and I tell you its not like all the MLMs that you are used to.
I once heard a cliché that goes – No one moves forward by looking backwards.
You have probably done something similar to this and failed – I have too. You probably lost some money in it – I did too. Oh, you don’t know how to market – I don’t either. Sorry, you don’t understand the product – neither did I (until I read about it). I don’t have the time – I made time out of no time. I don’t know many people – I am an introvert. I don’t have the capital – I borrowed it.
Well I am searching for other excuses you may have – which I didn’t have at first. It’s up to you. You don’t need to join but you could if you want. I simply believe it’s good for you.
Thanks and all the best.


If you say you never had a chance, perhaps you never took one.

smokey_conditions_aheadI got this title from a book I am presently studying. I say “studying” because that’s actually what I am doing. As usual, it’s one of those “gifts” from my boss that are special because you have to account for what you did with it. I am preparing a presentation on it right now and I hope it will be better than the last presentation I did – well I am determined to make it better. In case you have been wondering what the book is, the title is pour your heart into it written by Starbucks’ boss Howard Schultz and it is an insightful story of how a “coffee shop” can grow to become a fortune 500 company. Inspiring it is, and as a result I will be passing across some of the lessons I learnt from the book to you. Read more of this post