Get Creative!

1083012_thinking_out_of_the_box_31Am I shouting it? I think I am. But even if I am not you are probably wondering what I am up to. Well I just read a publication from the Harvard business school research and ideas column where a professor analyzed what massive opportunities are available in the wake of the current economic meltdown. You see some of us are ambitious enough to want to learn as much as can be learned so we decided to subscribe to the Harvard business reviews and you can do that also just log on to and sign up. Read more of this post




“To increase your effectiveness, make your emotions subordinate to your commitments” – Brian Koslow

You might have notice some inefficiency in the frequency of my posts in the last four weeks. I fell victim of the disease of ineffectiveness and procrastination. It’s not that I have been too busy to do this; it’s just that I kept on pushing it forward in self-deceit. I believed that I had more important things to do. Looking at your quote above I think it bests portrays the whole situation. A situation in which I allowed my emotions to overrule my commitment instead of vice-versa. It will be fool hardy of me to think that I am alone in this business of indiscipline. Don’t get me wrong, I am not giving myself some excuse for indulging in this I am only being real and practical. Laying aside every weight (Hebrews 11) also includes your own emotions. Those feelings that slows you down and allows you the liberty of settling for the option of procrastination. I know it’s hard to put your commitments first before your emotions, but if we are to win the prize at the end of the day, it’s an option we have to choose – sacrifice. It will be painful but it will eventually pay off. So if you will do like I did now, you will dust off your trousers and get back on track to run the race set before you. I have decided to run it with endurance and I have an obligation to my reader to deliver.

What is your reason?


Motivation is a good thing. Everything great achieved in the world today were as a result of a courageous decision by some highly motivated individual. We all like to be motivated. Little wonder then, why the most celebrated public speakers are the motivators. Those who tell us we can make it, that our challenges are surmountable no matter how big provided our level of desire is high. However, deeper than the word motivation is the word motive. Why do you do the things you do? I think it takes guts to look yourself in the eye and answer this question with a commitment to provide yourself the most sincere answer you can muster. Read more of this post