The Future Movement


Yesterday I was the 101st person to join the fastest growing network of positive-minded Nigerians – the future movement. It’s not a political party, we just believe we can come together and have a voice. A voice that will be a rude awakening to the silence of the righteous ones who have chosen to lay quiet for close to 50 years. The candles that have refused to light have started glowing and I among over a hundred others have chosen to join in the force of change. A non violent force that will cause a bloodless revolution across our land and will be the real voice of the real people, the people that will lift up the banner of the hope they so much believe in. My passion for this country has been reawakened and I believe that if we have more people with the same mentality we will soar in the heights of peace, righteousness, purpose and superiority of thought. Modern civilization has shown us that a people united with the force of a vision can change the story of their land for the better, they can through faith, determination, hard work and discipline rise above the circumstances of their birth. Its time we are visionary enough to have a say in the election of our leaders and reject the offer that the land has always given us through the cupidity of certain individuals who have developed an unfortunate proclivity for selfish ambition. Nigeria has tottered off-balance like a drunken prodigal for almost 50 years. We have spent so much time complaining about this or that. We have blamed the government for every ill in our society but I believe it’s time we checked the root of our bitterness. I believe our complaining is springing from a much deeper acerbic philosophy – a mentality of dependence, entitlement and fear. Can’t we stop complaining and do something about our own fate? Can’t we decide to be the answer to our own prayers? Government has failed us for years, isn’t that obvious enough now? The crescendo of voices of change in our land is predicated on our need to have our own government – a government by the people. A government comprising of leaders that will be visionaries of a new Nigeria that we all yearn for. The future movement is open to any Nigerian that wants a better country for him/herself and generations to come. Our stories are singular but our destiny in shared. We’ve got to do something unless we want to wallow in the same indulgent self-pity that has typified our citizenship since the beginning of modern times. You can join us today by clicking here. If you believe then just do it, I believe, do you?


Investing 2009 – 1


I wrote in one of my earlier posts this year that we should all watch out for opportunities. Well, due to the global economic meltdown among other things, I have been on the extreme look out and I have decided to make sure I allow my readers to know about what I know. Well the latest ones in town now are:


This is a business well suited for Nigerians and anyone who has a dream and the passion to pursue it vigorously. Its big and it is extremely exciting. Read more of this post

Virtue – Anger


Virtue can be defined as the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong. But the question is what is right and what is wrong. Well some acts and passions are clearer cut than others but some sadly are not. There is no question of whether adultery is right or wrong. There is no question whether stealing is right or wrong, so also is killing. But what happens when you are faced with situations that are simply not clear. I was reading through some part of the Nichomachean Ethics recently where Aristotle did a very in depth analysis of what virtue is and why it varies from person to person. I am still in the process of reading it but I decided to take a break and share my thoughts with my readers. The Nichomachean Ethics is a collection of philosophical thoughts by one of the world’s most respected thought leaders. Read more of this post

Ten Naira


Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns.  ~Author Unknown

Nothing can be truer than this. But so is also the reverse – wickedness like a boomerang, always returns. I am trying to develop a habit of writing everyday (it takes some discipline), but just as I was thinking of what I can qualitatively pass across to you, I went through an experience that stopped my search and gave me something to say. Read more of this post

Boring …

roadI got to have a chat with my senior colleague today on our way to do some transactions. Busayo Akanro had always been an inspiration to me in terms of what he says and his mode of delivery. Well that’s not the issue now, the topic of discussion was cool and I felt I should share it with you. Have you ever heard this saying before “success is boring”. Well suffice to say, that’s the reason why many don’t attain the heights of great achievements. Read more of this post


RASGleaned some info sometime ago and I decided to research on it. Don’t you worry; I am not going scientific (at least for now). Well it was one of those “brainy” things that you feel you should just know a little about. Ever heard about RAS? Yeah that was it. This is what it is:

The Reticular Activating System otherwise called RAS is responsible for maintaining a state of consciousness. Situated at the core of the brain stem between the myelencephalon (medulla oblongata) and mesencephalon (midbrain). It is involved with the circadian rhythm. Damage can lead to permanent coma. It is thought to be the area affected by many psychotropic drugs. General anesthetics work through their effect on the reticular formation.

I know you are probably bored with the clinical jargon already, well me too. But that’s not the issue. Read more of this post

Off to a good Start!

imagesSorry I am a little late in writing this. I hope you had a swell time during your vacation. It’s been a little difficult articulating the best words while still trying to gain some clarity as to what message to pass across. Talking about clarity, if you are like me you have probably set clear and definite goals for the New Year. if not, I believe you should – fast (but seriously). Goals i believe are the needed milestones to put us in check in the pursuit of dreams. The bigger our dreams, the bigger our goals should be and I believe everyone should live by them. You will agree with me that that probably is the hardest part of it all i.e. living by the goals we set. Read more of this post