Do More

Do more than exist. Live

Do more than hear. Listen

Do more than agree. Cooperate

Do more than talk. Communicate

Do more than grow. Bloom.

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What Counts?


“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

– Albert Einstein

What counts? I find myself asking this question many times too often. I find myself in crossroads where I have to make decisions that are sometimes very critical to that point and situation. I have found out that the good is sometimes the enemy of the better and the better can sometimes fade into insignificance if you keep it too long in the company of those who only recognize the good. Read more of this post

The Crises


I am developing a habit of writing about the trends I see around me and I am beginning to think of changing this category of my writings to something else like crises , or something. Well, this came to mind when I recollected a phrase that has been in my vocabulary for a couple of months now : the crises of comparison. I don’t know about you, but I have caught myself falling prey to this subtle dream killer for years. I have caught myself in the act of comparing myself with other people and I sometimes feel bad that I am not like them. I am not sure if you’ve lived in that address but I think I should pass my message across anyway. Comparing yourself with another person is like questioning God’s decision to make you unique. It’s like saying I am not good enough or why am I not like him or her? It is a very easy way to encroach on your confidence or sense of worth. I believe we should think of it this way: you will always be you and you can’t live without you so why don’t you get happy and excited about yourself and stop this thing? Well I say this with a bit of temperance. I believe we should always have mentors or role models: people that are like benchmarks to us and who we aspire to be like or achieve what they have achieved. But you should always do this with a sense of achieving it in a unique way, in a way that would bring out uniqueness in you. Being exactly like someone else is a falsehood that can only be achieved by pretending or frontin. There is no point to it.

Deadly persuasion

how deadly is it?It took me some time to make the decision to write this post and I actually almost dropped the idea. But my constant desire to have something meaningful to pass across got the better of me and I decided to go ahead. Many of us engage in activities that we consider being routine and we actually do not appraise the effect (negative or positive) of these activities. One of the things that many have said has eaten deep into the fabric of our culture is the media. We all spend and amazing chunk of time starring at the screens of our TV sets. Our media-savvy generation has over the years derived fun from acquiring every kind of electronic gadget imaginable. We take pleasure in the number of media “cool” stuff we come across without actually thinking of the consequences of this exposure. Emotion drives attention which in turn drives learning, memory and eventually behavior. Read more of this post

Yes we can!


The past 24 hours has been one of the most touching for me in recent times. I have been inspired beyond what I can successfully put in words. I watched today as President-elect of the United States of America Barack Obama gave his victory speech that has come to be tagged “yes we can”. As I watched I found myself moved to tears. I found his words reaching some deep parts of me that I probably didn’t even know existed. I know it’s crazy; it’s not my country and it’s not my victory. But I tell you it’s the victory of vision and superiority of thought. It’s the victory of a dream that many would have thought unrealistic. It’s the victory that redefines ethnic divides and jettisons class mentality. It’s the unspoken language that can only translate to “black is not lack”. Read more of this post

How much can we dare?

daring I recently started thinking about how much we accept stereotypes in our lives. I mean we all seem to have our lives planned for us by others or by their expectations. We believe certain things are expected of us and that we really don’t have a choice. We dodge the unconventional and hope to be outstanding. We compare ourselves with others and hope to be unique. We strive to stay in the crowd and hope to effect a change. What an irony! We have all seen great people or at least heard or read about them. We have probably experienced the thrill of being inspired by them and we have all yearned to be great someday. But much of greatness is doing what nobody has done or what doing what they have differently. That’s pretty much against business as usual. The challenge to stand out is enormous and the initial scorn or unpopularity scares most people back into their shells. But I believe if we are dedicated to it, if we begin with the end in mind and if we focus on the goal rather than what anyone says or does we would eventually get the reward. But most of us don’t think of this. Well, It’s just a trend I noticed …….. Catch you later.