I believe that what makes life and work tick is growth. Growth and change go hand in hand, more so, if it is positive. gbemiakande.wordpress.com started almost 3 years ago. Well, I should say that it was actually a means of putting my thoughts into words. I saw a few examples of thriving blogs around me (deoluakinyemi.com, topeakinyemi.com, busayoakanro.com etc) and I decided to go into action. I went on and off for a while. Often looking for the inspiration write. I was trying to feel the motivation before I started acting.

At some point however, I decided that rather than feel myself into action, I needed to act myself into feeling. Rather than wait for the motivation to act, I needed to act with the faith that the motivation will be found on the way. And guess what, that’s exactly what happened. The more I wrote, the more I wrote.

At some point also, I decided that what is worth doing is worth doing well. Doing well for me meant that I needed to move from a free site to a paid one. I nursed the idea for months. I felt I will loose the few readers I have if I decided to change my address (call me naïve, ignorant, whatever).

Well the summary of the story is this: I have started gbemiakande.com, and I’ve migrated all my posts there. Its been exciting. I have become more determined to adding value to you. I have become more motivated. The bad news is that I wont blog here anymore, but the good news is that I have a new address. Lol. gbemiakande.com is focused on helping you achieve your best in life and work. It will be an information hub where you can glean all the stuff you need to be your best.

I will like to invite you to gbemiakande.com to get the best of what I have to offer constantly. I hope to deliver on my promise. I want to see all my readers become the best they can be. Also, I will be open to feedback, praise and criticism. I will listen to you and most importantly, we will become friends.

Join me at gbemiakande.com.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to working with you to make this world a better place. gbemiAKANDE


Can you be lucky?

Have you ever wondered why some individuals are just born lucky and others aren’t. why there seems to be these two categories of human beings on earth. maybe you have even put yourself into one of the categories under some circumstances. Read more of this post

Maybe this matters …

If you read my last post, then this should not be a problem for you to follow and understand. I noted three fields that should be in necessary alignment for you to be truly effective. i.e. the hedgehog concept. If you did then you probably gave it some thought at least – or if you are like most people, you abandoned the idea thinking it was to tedious and mentally engaging. OK, I know we live in a new era where speed is of essence, we move too fast for a too slow process like thinking. Read more of this post

Foxes and Hedgehogs

Ever since I came across the concept of personal leadership, one of the most interesting paradigms I have encountered in it is that which is called the Hedgehog concept. it’s a concept based on an essay by famous liberal philosopher, Isaiah Berlin, titled The Hedgehog and the Fox. Read more of this post

We Won!!!(2)

Revolution has never come easy. Many even say it doesn’t happen without some degree of violence. While I do not totally subscribe to this line of thought, I am of the strong opinion that a type of violence is needed for a revolution to happen. It might be spiritual, physical or mental. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that when the end of a revolution is most in doubt, men have been known to look beyond the present and have a glimpse of our future. In other words, to imagine what is possible. To create the future with their most powerful weapons; their minds. It is this imagination that I chose to share with my readers today. Read more of this post

We Won!!! (1)

Interestingly many events have unfolded in the past few days in our land. We have seen desperation in action, mingled with dirty politics and widespread evil. It seems that as the election days are drawing nearer, it is becoming more evident that the shameless love of power has eaten deep into the fabric of our nations politics. Read more of this post


Its amazing how easily this topic succeeded in bouncing off other topics from my mind within just a few days of ruminating over it. I was in the process of writing a post about the recent happenings in the murky waters called Nigerian Politics and what I believed about the on goings, when almost suddenly, I had to appear among a few friends to discuss the subject of change. Read more of this post

When optimism fails …

For a long while, I battled with the concept I hope to share with you in this post. It was one of those concepts that everyone I met claimed to have an explanation for. All they did was to confuse me more. I like to call myself a student of the University of Hard knocks, Read more of this post


Hello all, I have had the most exciting week so far this year. Last weekend was a blast for me. I was involved in three different events, in the three areas that mean a lot to me: Church (Religion), Business and Government. I had three of my mentors around for the programmes and as you might have guessed, it was a great time. several issues were discussed, some deep, some simple enough to be understood by all. Throughout those three days, one word kept ringing in my mind – VALUE.

Read more of this post

How big?(1)

In the process of setting our goals and crystallizing our dreams for the new year, we should also be mindful of certain things. I read a blog post by my mentor and leader deoluakinyemi on deoluakinyemi.com. I will invite you to read it through also by clicking on this link .

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